About Me

My name is Sandra Teper, I am a freshly graduated 22 years old fashion and editorial photographer from London, United Kingdom. I am originally from Poland. I came to England at the age of 16 where I found my passion for photography. Experimenting with different techniques and styles allowed me to truly find my own style which I am still mastering. My inspiration comes from clothing, I get inspired by fabrics, patterns, jewellery and single pieces of clothing and I build my shoots around this specific subject. I mainly use natural light which always gives me a challenge as it's uncontrollable to certain extend which makes every project an unique experience. In the future I aspire to be a fashion editorial photographer which brings something new and diverse into the industry in England but also internationally, who creates a vision for a brand different to every e-commerce shoot we see everyday in fashion magazines.

I am open to new collaborations and challenging projects.

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Exhibitions and Publications.


40 pages, 36 black and white photographs
20cm x 20cm 
Handmade Hard Cover Photobook including a piece of fabric connecting with the meaning of the project.
Edition of 1
Self Published

May 2020
Unboxed The Exhibition

Virtual 360 Gallery Bachelor Exhibition, organised by DeutchePOP.
Project: Gender Neutral Fashion.


June 2020
Exposure 2020

Virtual 3D Final Year Exhibition

Virtual 360 Gallery, Collaboration between BA Hons Photography and BA Hons Visual Effects, organised by University of West London.

Project: 'Bulimia - Invisible Death'


July 2020
AOP Final Year Student Shows 2020

Online Exhibition Gallery, Diversity of Photography Graduates organised by The Association of Photographers. 
Project: 'Soul-search'


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